This Saturday, I will attend my first real photography class (well, since high school anyway), and in anticipation of the class, I have been looking through photos from our summer trip to determine how I can better define and improve my style.  I decided to share some that I personally enjoy; I hope you like them as well. Cafe du Centre is in the village of Villedieu, not far from Vaison la Romaine.  On Sunday evenings, grab a table under… Read more »

As I watched our 8-year-old son amass a pile of snails from my flower bed this morning, I was suddenly transported back to our first day in Provence this summer and the snails there.  These were not the pansy-eating variety, but the can-be-eaten variety gracing tables all over France, and the critters had come out in mass that rainy morning.  I once watched a television segment about snail farming (I know what you’re thinking and you’re right) and the conditions… Read more »