My flight to Paris leaves tomorrow  this afternoon and I have all but finished packing (with room to spare).  This is a personal best, or maybe I’ve learned to just take less stuff.  More room for shopping treasures, right?  Now, I just need to pick up a new electronics adapter since my old one became a permanent resident of last summer’s  Provence rental.  Oops. Over the last several days, cell phone lines have been a-buzzing between our trio of merry… Read more »

My friend, Maria, from my Paris cooking class recently turned me on to the website Cowgirl Chef, written by Texan-turned-Paris-resident , Ellise Pierce.  It is a witty, smartly-written blog about her coming to terms with living in Paris and how French takes on some home-town favorites helped ease that homesick feeling.  Her food became so popular with expats in Paris, she started a catering business which led to cooking classes which led to her new cookbook, Cowgirl Chef: Texas Cooking… Read more »