We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to share some exciting news here at French Cravings.  As many of you know, last September my Hubby went on a year-long sabbatical, we sold our house (not once but twice), had an estate sale selling a good portion of our belongings, and even gave the cat to the new homeowners (it was best for kitty).  All this was done with the plan to chuck it all and live a simpler life in some other country for a few years.  Trouble was, we couldn’t agree on a location.  Then cold feet set in and the decision was made to stay, at least until our older son finishes high school in two years.  It was a fair request.

Except, that’s not what I signed up for when I agreed to give up our comfortable life.  We had talked of adventure, of shaking things up.  We talked about doing something significant with this once-in-a-lifetime chance, but instead we quietly settled back into another version of our previous life.  However, not being one so easily deterred from our original idea, I set about charting my own course to adventure.

Now for the exciting news!  On March 16th, I will fly to Paris to begin the 3-month-long course in Basic Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu!!

My incredibly supportive Hubby will play the part of Mr. Mom while I live out my dream of studying at Paris’s most famous culinary school.  As for the kids, our daughter warned against having regrets if I passed on this opportunity while the boys are “cool with it”.  Let’s see how they feel after a few weeks of making their own school lunches and doing their own laundry.  Oh yes, this will be a growth opportunity for ev-ery-one.

The path to this point has not been an easy one by any means, but fulfilling a dream is, by its very nature, a challenge meant to push us beyond our comfort zones and follow the path we were meant to…if only for a few months.

So, in a mere five weeks, French Cravings will be reporting from Paris with all the latest on food, shopping, and culture.  And tales from The Kitchen of course!  I look forward to us enjoying this adventure together…


“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” -anonymous




24 comments on “Satisfying my French cravings

  1. Nancy Lesky on said:

    Wow. What an update. Good for you. Good for your family! Lots of changes. Would love to get together for wine, or dinner sometime (we can cook over a camp fire if that would help you be more simple. (Ha- had to be a smarty). Good luck and have fun!!

  2. Kathy Schofield Lucas on said:

    What amazing news Katie! I truly enjoyed my time in cooking school while living in Paris. Make the most of it and ENJOY!

  3. So happy for you – I hope to do that some day – probably not to get my certificate from the Paris school but from one here in the states. So proud of you – enjoy!!!!!

  4. Jennifer Springs on said:

    WOW! I am SOOOOOO Jealous!!!! Let’s talk before you leave!! Maybe I can have you meet up with Antione while you are over there and send you to Fernando’s Italian Restaurant down the street. And if the boys get overwhelmed with domestication. . . Catch Your Breath Concierge is up and running :-) I am a phone call away and right around the corner! Exciting news – Happy for you!!!


    • Yes, Jennifer, I definitely want to connect with your French “family”! And that restaurant sounds like a home away from home. Congrats to you on achieving your goal…Catch Your Breath is such a great concept and wishing you so much success!

  5. How brave and exciting! I can’t wait to read your dispatches and see your photos. Will the curriculum take you to any restaurant kitchens to observe, or out to the countryside, or will it be all hands-on in the kitchen?

    • Hi, Maria! Thank you for your encouragement. We will have plenty of hands-on time in the kitchen with 3-hour practicals following the chef’s demos. But, we can choose to attend guest chef presentations, plus as a nod to the traditional college days, wine classes are offered as “electives”. I think I can also find time to sneak off to Reims for some serious research. :)

  6. Fabulous!
    Rachel Khoo only spent 3 months at the Cordon Bleu and look where it took her, so who knows?!

  7. Katie that is really the best news ever. And to be in Paris in the spring – oo la la. You are going to learn so much and you will never regret taking this opportunity for yourself. Please be sure to post often as we all will be living vicariously through you. I am so totally happy for you and kudos to your family for their love and support. Bon chance Cherie!!

  8. Katie, I think all of this sounds marvelous. I look forward to reading more about your adventures. Blessings, Emily

  9. Whitney Parsons on said:

    How exciting! You deserve all the joys and adventures your life has to offer.
    Love you!

  10. Kerrcarto on said:

    Awesome! I hope your hubby knows what he has gotten himself into. Tell every one hello form Kerrville.

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