As I watched our 8-year-old son amass a pile of snails from my flower bed this morning, I was suddenly transported back to our first day in Provence this summer and the snails there.  These were not the pansy-eating variety, but the can-be-eaten variety gracing tables all over France, and the critters had come out in mass that rainy morning.  I once watched a television segment about snail farming (I know what you’re thinking and you’re right) and the conditions outside were quite similar: a moist ground and stuff to climb on.

A daydream of moving to Provence and starting my own mollusk farm quickly gave way to the realization that, while I find them delicious when bathed in garlic and parsley butter, their sliminess makes them incompatible as a livelihood.

Plus, some of the buggers were huge!

The kids, naturally, were fascinated by them.  In fact, the boys took such a liking to a couple of them, they named them Steve and Bob.  Even the girls enjoyed the slime fest; they, however, resisted the urge to form any long-lasting bonds with their Gastropoda.

Turns out, the little critter tickled as it inched across my hand. Go figure.  Thanks, but I think I’ll just stick with the delectable Burgundy specialty and try not to think too much about Steve and Bob.

Our outdoor escapades were rewarded with another revelation! The scene from our patio provided a stunning start to our Provençal adventure.

Is escargot an item on your list of favorite French dishes?  Leave a comment below and share what else is on your list!

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