Three weeks in France can have a funny effect on people.  The kids had a great time, but longed for their own rooms and friends.  My hubbie, poor thing, was sick the entire time so he just wanted to get well, location was irrelevant.  As pour moi, I spent more than an insignificant amount of time crafting a plan to move all five of us and the dog to France.  First step, decide on a location: country or city?  The area around Vaison-la-Romaine is beautiful with plenty of outdoor space, but Paris offers everything in just a walk or train ride away.  Which one to choose?

A  home in the country…

with views over the vineyard that take in Mount Ventoux.

Or perhaps a home in the Roman town of Crestet, complete with its own “garage”…

and an impossibly picturesque view that takes your breath away.

Maybe a place in the town of Vaison makes more sense…

with a livelier scene and shops nearby.

Possibly a seaside getaway in the beautiful town of Antibes…

with an impressive view of a different sort.  I’ll take the big boat on the right, thank you.

Maybe an elegant Haussmann design in Paris’s 7th…

with a classic Paris view suits best.

Of course, the most wonderful thing about daydreaming is that all practicality can be cast aside–we wouldn’t want a little issue such as a budget to get in the way now would we?  Which would you choose?

4 thoughts on “Perhaps a pied à terre?

  1. Karla Russell

    There all beautiful! Tough choice, for me the perfect solution would be an apartment in the city and a county home for the weekend and Holidays. But as you say there is the budget to consider! And of course for you , the children and there education must be a huge consideration. Theres always Home schooling?


  2. Maria Gallagher

    I’m a city gal, so I’ll take the city apartment. But of course I would have delightful friends (like Katie) who would invite me to their country homes nearly every weekend.


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