Sure, Paris is for lovers, but on a recent trip with our kids, we discovered that it’s a great place for families too.  Activities abound so when the kids’ eyes glazed over at the mere mention of yet another museum, we took a break from the typical tourist scene by doing things a bit differently.

We saw the major tourist sites from atop a bicycle seat as part of a tour led by Fat Tire Bike Tours, an outfit made up of enthusiastic young Americans.  In addition to the daytime cruise around the 7th, they also offer a different nighttime ride that ends with a glass of wine on a river boat back to the starting point, both day and night Segway tours, plus tours around Versailles and other locations.

They even offered a “hook-on” bike for our little guy.  All he had to do was sit on the seat and hang on while his big brother did most of the work.

A climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe was well worth this view of La Defense, west of the city.  The contrast between old and new was fascinating.

I spy with my little eye…the Eiffel Tower!

A quick geography lesson from Dad!  His office is in La Defense near the “arch”.

The line at the Bertillon ice cream on Île Saint-Louis was a block long, no surprise given their reputation for having the best ice cream in Paris, but we needed sweets pronto.  This delightful shop appropriately named La Cure Gourmand  more than satisfied our craving, now which ones to choose.  No worries, just grab a bag and pay by the kilo.

One of my favorite ways to record our vacations is to hand my camera to the kids for a bit and have them snap away.  The images they capture always amaze me.

Notre Dame provided some truly captivating photos from them.

Our little guy will enjoy this privilege for the first time on our trip in June.

As we left Notre Dame, we made certain not to miss Paris Point Zero, located in the cathedral’s square.  It  is the point from which all other distances in Paris are measured.  Don’t forget to make a wish!

Riding the carousels of Paris was truly magical.  Although this one is my favorite, a spectacular double-deckered one was located in Montmartre at the base of Sacre Couer.  The Champs du Mars and Luxembourg gardens are among several offering pint-sized versions where kids try to catch hanging rings with a stick as they go by.

A trip to Versailles yielded an unexpected moment; who can blame the goose, after all, it was a darn good sandwich.  We toured the gardens on a rented golf cart, outfitted with a recorded guide offering history lessons as we made our way along the landscaped paths.

Two of  my favorite things in the world, together in one photo. Quel dommage/ what a pity I didn’t ask them to turn around and say cheese for Mama.  Paris truly is a city to be shared, creating memories that last a lifetime.

6 thoughts on “Paris with kids? Bien sûr!

  1. Camille

    I’m so happy to read this type of post. Paris is for lovers….and for families too !
    I do leave in Paris with my kids (aged 5 and 7) and we can always find a new activity or visit that can enjoy the kids (and the parents too!).
    Next time you may try La villette park and “Cité des enfants”, le musée en herbe (art museum for children) and stop by Café grenadine or Le petit café du monde entier, 2 children friendly cafes.


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