I love, love, love French macarons. The vibrant colors together with endless flavor combinations create the perfect little bite of sweet happiness.  I picked up Jill Colonna’s book a while back and recently tried out some of her recipes. I got a bit carried away.  Making these snack-sized little treats really was a lot of fun.  I have tried the Italian method of making the batter as well as the French, and I think I like Jill’s take on the French method better.


I found this “cheater” macaron tray online and decided to give it a whirl alongside my effort at making them the traditional way.  Know the saying, cheaters never prosper?  Well, cheaters never make decent-looking macaron  shells either.  What a mess!  I can’t show what they looked like because what did cook properly was quickly picked over my the kids and company, so at least the flavor was a success.


Piping the 1 1/2 ” shells onto a tray with any semblance of consistency was the biggest challenge of all.   After a few botched batches, I turned out a tray or two that looked pretty decent.


Anyone passing near the oven had no choice but to stop and watch through the glass as the macarons formed their trademark pieds.  


Success!  Time to make a chocolate ganache that will bring these lovelies together.


Now that’s my kind of take-out!  I also made a pink with lemon filling and green with pistachio filling.  Interestingly, the colors of the uncooked batter were much brighter than the resulting shells.  That’s an easy problem to fix, though.


I couldn’t resist having a little fun with my new lens before packaging up these cuties to share with friends.  Do you have any favorite French dishes you would like to learn to make?   Share them in the comments section below.


One last thing: I confess, I’m just not the new year resolutions type.  If I need to adjust something during the year, I adjust it, which explains why three weeks into the new year, I am making an adjustment here.  You see, I really love to cook, so much so that my list to Santa consisted of pretty much all kitchen stuff, plus a new macro lens for my Canon.  I went through a “perfect presentation” phase (so done with that) and now I simply want food to look good and taste delicious.  Starting today, I am adding more French food pics/recipes to the story and I hope you enjoy the change.  Bon appétit!

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