Summer is coming to a quiet close this weekend as the kids get ready for that perennially dreaded first day of school, but life has been anything but quiet during the last month.  In fact, things have bordered on chaotic and I have neglected you all lately.  Here’s the lowdown: We sold our house (or so we thought), my hubbie resigned from his job (a temporary break?), we took a planned-at-the-very-last-minute, see-if-we-could-live-on-a-boat-together family sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands, a trip that included our friend, Mike the sailor (we were our own crew), and sent our firstborn off to college (now I’m left with a house full of males, minus the cat).  And no living on a boat anytime in our near future.  The house is back on the market and the high school football season has begun with 6am practice all this week.  I am sooo ready for school to start.  Maybe then I can get back in the kitchen and actually cook.  In the meantime, meals will most likely continue to consist of the deli’s finest pre-made salads and roti chicken, which are tasty, but nothing like the amazing grab-and-go food at Gérard Mulot in Paris.

I stopped in on a whim at lunchtime last March following a walk through the Luxembourg gardens (a must), drawn in by  the delicious aromas wafting across the street.  The variety of sandwiches, quiches, and gourmet delights was amazing, while the selection of pastries, macarons, and chocolates was almost too much to take in.  I finally settled on this quiche of chicken curry and petit vegetables, and a gorgeous hazelnut and chocolate feuilltine (the rice crispies sold me).  The folks at Gérard Mulot make sure you are serious about wanting your food by making you stand in three different lines before you are rewarded with your pink box full of treats: one line to order, another to pay, and then a third to pick up.  But judging by the crowd, no one seemed to mind this unique, very French system of queuing up for delicious food.


Proof that choosing just one is impossible.  Instead, take two or three home to share.  Share, you say?  Yeah, right.


Gérard Mulot, 76 Rue de Seine  75006 Paris.  Other locations in the 3rd and 14th arron. 


(Top photo courtesy of Pati Traiteur; bottom photo courtesy of

8 thoughts on “Let’s do lunch…Gérard Mulot

  1. Hampton

    Pierre Herme is also nearby as well as a certain crepe shop.
    There are also some recently re-habbed 2 and 3 bdrm rental apts on Rue Jacob. I gather you will sell the house and move to Paris. Then there is the cafe behind St. Suplice that has wonderful Oysters….All cats love Paris…


    1. Katie Schwausch Post author

      Hampton! How are you? Hmm, re-habs on rue Jacob…love the location, but probably out of our budget now. Maybe you should be my relo expert when we (hopefully) make the move. 🙂


    1. Katie Schwausch Post author

      If you haven’t been there, put it on your list for next time. 😉 This last month has been insane, but it’s about to settle down…just the manual labor of moving. But hey, that means I can skip the gym!


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