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Paris’s dining scene is on fire and diners are flocking to enjoy the new restaurants that pop up seemingly every week.  While the dining classics remain strong, new chefs are bringing fresh interpretations to that stalwart, the bistro, through innovative food and unique décor.  Non-Parisian trends are getting lots of attention as the burger gets a makeover and the food truck phenomenon takes root.  Yet, amidst all this change, another classic remains strong: the rules of dining out in Paris.

I had begun making my own list of the do’s and don’ts when I received  this “straight from the source” list put together by Wendy Lyn over at The Paris Kitchen. Through interviews and questionnaires, she covers it all so check out her list of the top 8 most important tips.  The only additional bit of advice I would add is that you never, ever, ever call your waiter “garçon”.  Ever.

Something missing from the list?  Let’s hear it!

Bon appétit!

x Katie


7 thoughts on “How to dine out in Paris

  1. Brian

    Great post – and thanks for the link. I always thought the tip was included and one was to leave some change. Next time I will know 🙂


      1. Katie Schwausch Post author

        You’re right, Maria. An extra tip is always given in cash because it’s shared by everyone…much like it used to be here (I haven’t worked in a restaurant in years–it could very well still be like that here.) Just save the coins for the coffee shop.


    1. Katie Schwausch Post author

      Wait, I think I misread your intention, Brian. The tip IS included and any extra must be in cash…we did it correctly in March. How did you interpret Wendy’s advice?


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