As many of you know, I began the Basic Cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu Paris back in March. It has been such an amazing experience, one filled with excitement, anxiety, and joy while living and studying in the most beautiful city in the world.  It has also kept me very busy.  With just a couple of school weeks remaining, now seems like a good time to go back to the beginning and share some of my Paris experience with you.


During my first week in Paris, I was fortunate to take part in a private tour of the Hôtel de Ville with a wonderful group of ladies from the American Women’s Group, an expat club I joined before leaving home.  The original building, completed in 1628, was burned to the ground by protestors during the Commune government of 1870. Reconstruction, from 1837 to 1892, combined a copy of the original Renaissance façade with a more “modern” interior.


Inside, the Neo renaissance-style décor is as detailed as it is magnificent.  Using the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles as inspiration, the architects and artists created the Hôtel’s glorious Salle des Fêtes, which plays host to celebrations both state and cultural. Paintings between the arches feature activities specific to the various regions of France.


Murals include works by prominent artists of the day such as Raphaël CollinJean-Paul LaurensPuvis de Chavannes,Henri GervexAimé Morot.


All chandeliers in the Hôtel were created by the world-famous French crystal maker, Baccarat.Hotel de VilleAmidst all the is grandeur, the Hôtel de Ville serves as the seat of the local government, housing the offices of the mayor and the city council among many others.  Our tour was stopped at the doorway due to official city business in the next room…



5 thoughts on “Hôtel de Ville

  1. parisbreakfast

    what a grand tour and a proper beginning to your adventure in Paris. I think Rachel Khoo did the same course you’re on or maybe it was patisserie only.
    Bonne chance Katie!!


  2. Jennifer Springs

    Are you still in Paris? The name of the Italian restaurant that I had been meaning to give to you is Piccola Toscana. 10 Rue Rochambeau, 75009 Paris, France (Opéra). If you go, ask for Fernando and tell him that the family Springs (friends with Antoine sent you). Tyler will be over for two weeks starting 6 Jul. That was his graduation present! Hope you are having a fabulous time!



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