IMG_1220 The Fête de la Musique is held all over France as well as 32 other countries every June 21st to mark the beginning of the summer solstice, and we were lucky enough to be in Vaison-la-Romiane on that night, where we enjoyed street music of all genres.  (I say lucky because, well, my method for choosing our travel dates was the equivalent of hitting a bullseye while blindfolded.)  The first Fête was celebrated in Paris in 1982, so it’s a relatively new tradition by French standards. All concerts are free to the public and the performers donate their time to the events, all in the interest of sharing the art of music.  Lovin’ the bubbles above.


This Samba band played for HOURS…


spurred on by their energetic director, no doubt.


This group of ladies sang a delightful ditty about the beauty of sunshine.  The start of their performance was slightly delayed as they waited for the band before them to move on, but SO worth the wait.  The location certainly suits the theme, non?  Note: the man in the blue shirt behind by the green umbrella is Paul, our host at Domaine du Crestet.


Tucked into one end of the (mostly) pedestrian area of Vaison, this drum group played lively rhythms that reminded me of the Cuban music played by my neighbors when I was young.  Naturally, I lingered for a while.


Sure Paris has its lights and big-city energy, but we enjoyed Vasion’s laid back atmosphere, which begs you to grab something to eat…


and relax for an evening of musical entertainment.  Another note: Not all music comes to you, so some pleasant strolling is required.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”–Victor Hugo

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  1. Virginia

    I had the pleasure in June 2010. EVerything from a drum line on the steps of the St.Paul church to a choral concert at the Madeleine ! A glorious time in Paris. I should have walked around more!


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