IMG_1086I love surprising family and friends with gifts from Paris, to let them know they were thought of while I was away.  However, finding the right gift can be such a challenge with so many choices available, so imagine my delight when my friend, Verena, asked me to please bring her a new diptyque candle to replace one her husband bought for her on a Paris business trip.  Hooray, a destination sure to have just the right gift!  And the candle itself told me where to find more, 34 boulevard saint germain, paris 5e. No internet searching required.

The small shop was dressed in black boxes and white candles and smelled divine.  Each votive has the name of the scent set in the signature tumbled style, and choices abound.  Fig, gardenia and verbena join more unique scents like smoked wood, cut hay, and coriander.  I copied my friend and bought the berries scent and I love, love, love it.

Later, I did “google” diptyque and found they have stores in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago as well the Far East, so I won’t need to wait until a trip to Paris to pick up another candle…but then again, I could always use a good excuse.

Happy shopping!  x Katie


6 comments on “diptyque!

  1. Maria Gallagher on said:

    Such a lovely shop. Definitely worth our long walk in the rain to get there.

  2. Parisbreakfast on said:

    Baies is Frenchgirl’s fav Diptique so I would buy her one everytime I stayed means berry I at last found out. I’ve yet to indulge myself with one. At e someday…

  3. I have a Dipytque obsession have to keep buying to work out my favourite!! :)
    Carla x

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