Strolling down the rue du Four in Paris’s 6th, we discovered the smallest bakery in Europe. Literally. Cupcake & Macaron boasts about its diminutive size on a sign outside the door, and they are not overstating the facts.  The interior is barely wide enough for two.  It can best described as a nicely decorated closet…


Our daughter, Avery

only this closet features a jewelry case full of delectable sweets!  We waited for just a moment before a delightful young man appeared from the other side of a slender door to take our order. Now, it’s important to know that while French cupcakes resemble those buttercream-covered sweets from birthday parties past, they have a style all their own.  Most notably, these aren’t as sweet.  Instead, emphasis is placed on flavors in combinations like coffee and hazelnut, vanilla and jasmine, even lemon and coconut.


After much discussion, we chose lemon meringue and chocolate raspberry.  When we turned to leave with cupcakes in hand, our dessert advisor asked if we might stay and eat our treats right there.  He said he wanted to see our faces when we tasted them. O-kay, like that’s not weird at all.  Alas, the French habit of eating everything with a knife and fork applies to paper-wrapped, handheld desserts as well.  No peeling the baking cup off the cake, nope, use a fork.  Turns out this is a good idea because the filling tucked inside gushes out the bottom when bitten into.  Maybe our charming consultant had attempted to save us this embarrassment by inviting us to stay? C’est possible.  The lemon cupcake had a bright flavor with a balanced sweetness, while the chocolate raspberry was delicious, or so I was told.  Avery didn’t offer to share her cupcake.


Cupcake and Macaron, 1 rue du Four, 75006


School update: I fly to Paris tonight! I hear spring is already in full bloom so you can expect some photos of a gorgeous Paris soon!

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  1. millie

    Hi Katie, chocolate and raspberry sounds like heaven, and how quirky to have a ‘sweets consultant’ who cared to see your happy faces biting into all the deliciousness! love it . Have a safe and happy time in Paris xx


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