This Saturday, I will attend my first real photography class (well, since high school anyway), and in anticipation of the class, I have been looking through photos from our summer trip to determine how I can better define and improve my style.  I decided to share some that I personally enjoy; I hope you like them as well.

Cafe du Centre is in the village of Villedieu, not far from Vaison la Romaine.  On Sunday evenings, grab a table under the sycamore trees; then order drinks from the cafe and dinner from the pizza truck parked across the street.  Si charmant/so charming!

Still in Villedieu, the sun came out just as we were sitting down to enjoy some local wine; the contrast was awesome.

Cherry picking across the road from our rented mas/farmhouse.

THE cheese shop in Vaison.  In 2004, cheesemonger Josiane Déal was awarded the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) or Best Craftsman in France, a medal earned through rigorous exams and practicals.  Over 180 categories are included, but aside from cheese, no other women hold the MOF title.  “King’s of Pastry” is a great cinematic peek into the pastry competition.

There will be no sandcastle-building on the beach in Nice…rock-skipping, maybe.

Ahhh, lavender in Provence.  Not much else to say.

This smart-looking couple was on a photo shoot, presumably for an anniversary; or maybe an engagement?  I guess we never outgrow our love of carousels.

I couldn’t help but notice that this amazing Metro entrance was going completely unnoticed.

As you know, I love, love, love the clock window in the Orsay museum.  The people in the shot provide some perspective.

Place your own lock on the Pont des Artes to insure ever-lasting love.

A note among hundreds tacked to the bulletin board on the second floor of the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore.

“Never miss an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful.”–Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    1. Katie Schwausch Post author

      Thanks, Carla! The class is geared toward weaning us off of the green rectangle (auto mode) of our dslr cameras. 😉 I’m still in the point-and-shoot phase, very often using my iPhone, so this class should be fun.


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