This cute little shop in Village Saint Paul is chock-o-block full of a little bit of everything vintage.  Need some art supplies?  They have them.  Cute little enamel number signs?  Check.  Ceramic pitchers, vintage linens, old postcards and retro toys jockey for space amid the other wonderful items that fill the shelves.  Maria, Brian, and Erin joined in on the fun and we could have stayed for hours, picking our way through all the goodies.  I left with a chalkboard “dinner menu” sign designed like a metal cheese marker; I use it to post my answer to that everyday question, “What’s for dinner?”  x Katie

Au Petit Bonheur la Chance

13 Rue Saint Paul, 75004



8 thoughts on “Au Petit Bonheur la Chance

  1. Parisbreakfast

    What IS for dinner?
    I bought metal meat signs where you can change the price?..
    Gawd only knows why – I don’t eat meat
    That store is dangerously irresistible


    1. Katie Schwausch Post author

      I bought cheese signs just like yours. I also bought one that has a picture of a horse–and I *definitely* don’t eat horse. The surprise factor of it won me over…I plan to use it at dinner parties and see who notices. 🙂
      You are sooo right, Carol, about the all the temptations inside. I saw that you visited in ’07. The outside got a paint job since then didn’t it.


  2. Brian

    That was one of my favorite days we spent in Paris. Running in the snow to make our reservation at Guy Savoy, enjoying that stunning 4-hour lunch and then going to this shop. I bought so many cool things there – this is a great memory!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. French Girl in Seattle

    Bonjour Katie. Thank you for stopping by today. I came here and checked out some of your recent stories. I loved this one, and since I have never visited that store, I will be sure to add it to my list when I go to Paris next July. Merci beaucoup! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)


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