L’affichomanie/poster mania reached a climax in Belle Epoque Paris in the 1890’s, and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec was the most famous poster artist of them all.  Singer and songwriter Aristide Bruant sang in Le Chat Noir cabaret about life on the outer fringes of Paris, and Toulouse-Lautrec’s popular posters of him made the performer recognizable on the street, sporting his signature red scarf. A burgeoning merchant class became so enamored of this street art that they began bribing the poster hangers to sell them the works directly…. Read more »

  Sure, Haussmann is universally credited with fulfilling Napolean III’s dream of a “revolution proof” Paris in the 1860’s, creating a modern city designed to replace the dark, dirty medieval one. Yes, he also designed the city’s new sewage system which relieved the population of disease epidemics.  Fine, he brought order through uniformity.  But what about the architects and sculptors who created the beautiful structures that make Paris, well, Paris?  Who were they? Architect Achille Champy and sculptor Henri Depois de Folleville… Read more »