So, on to Paris!  History alert: Paris’s sewers date back to 1370 when the first underground system was created under rue Montmartre.  However, the current system was built during Baron Haussmann’s great re-design of the capital city in the 1860’s.  I had heard from numerous people that the tour of the sewers was really cool, so naturally we had to check it out.  This space was near the end of the tour  and the cases featured some of the unique… Read more »

Ahh, la belle France. A country magnificently suited for food lovers, wine lovers, and scenic view lovers.  The culture of wine was totally boring for our boys, except for that one (and only) tasting when the older boys enjoyed themselves just a bit too much.  Scenic views went from “oh, wow” to “what’s the big deal, it’s the same as the last one”.  The food held their attention, as long as nothing was too weird.  No brain or tongue for them.  So… Read more »

Ah, chocolate.  That delectable, delightful, deleterious-to-a-diet creation of dark deliciousness that we turn to when we need a little mood lift, or are just craving something chocolate.  Some French will quietly agree that Belgian chocolate is the best, namely their pralines, and I always stop in at Pierre Marcolini for some fantastic flavor combinations like pure ganache flavored with fresh thyme and orange zest, and soft chocolate caramel with a blend of four spices. Pure delight! These beautifully displayed pralines… Read more »