As I watched our 8-year-old son amass a pile of snails from my flower bed this morning, I was suddenly transported back to our first day in Provence this summer and the snails there.  These were not the pansy-eating variety, but the can-be-eaten variety gracing tables all over France, and the critters had come out in mass that rainy morning.  I once watched a television segment about snail farming (I know what you’re thinking and you’re right) and the conditions… Read more »

The vibrant colors of Provence come in a wide variety of forms, from these vividly colored totes–perfect for the beach as well as the market– to these brightly painted dishes that look too beautiful to cover up with food.  Well, almost. These adorable piggy banks that would certainly inspire any kiddo to feed as many coins as possible to the little oinkers, and sheep, and elephants, and snails… and colorful pinwheels that keep the chromatic current flowing. Colorful incense burners… Read more »

When I grow up, I want to go to culinary school.  In the meantime, I feed my craving for kitchen mastery by attending cooking classes where ever I find them, so naturally I jumped at the chance to take the “Celebrating Julia Child” class at the Sur la Table in Dallas, in honor of the great lady’s 100th birthday.  Julia was the original celebrity chef and she brought traditional French cooking into American homes with humor and grace, and regular… Read more »