We’ve all experienced it: we travel to a new city with a guidebook of which museums to visit, what shops to check out, and how to beat the long lines at all the popular sites.  Pretty straight-forward stuff, right?  But what about dinner, or even lunch for that matter?  Restaurants come and go, reviews can be out of date, and nobody wants to walk around thumbing through a book that screams tourist.  So what’s a Paris traveler to do?  Help… Read more »

Have you ever had one of those travel moments when a single decision changes the course of your entire plan?   I was visiting a family friend, Mme. P, in Provence last July and she had been invited to celebrate a friend’s 80th birthday. As her guest I was also invited; now, I loved my grandparents, but their birthday parties were hardly raucous affairs.  I passed on the invite, but offered to drive Mme. P to the weekend celebration, where I… Read more »

Paris is overflowing with beautiful views, but a favorite of mine is the view through the clock window of the fifth floor in the Orsay museum. Stretching out before me is the Louvre to the right, straight ahead the Tuileries garden backed by Sacre Couer in the distance, and if you lean over far enough, look left to the Grand Palais and its smaller neighbor.  Snapping this picture was made even sweeter due to fact that I had been trying… Read more »